Browning M28 Medallion Series Safe

Browning M28 Medallion Series Safe

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This sturdy 13.81 cubic foot gun safe offers a variety of interior features. Its slender, sleek appearance belies the fact that it can house 29 long guns, jewelry, documents and other valuables. It fits easily in a closet or is stylish enough to be displayed in a den or other room.


The Medallion M28 features ThermaBlock protection from fire. ThermaBlock consists of heavier sheets of fire insulation that are organized into a design that interlocks to diminish the gaps that would allow the temperature inside the safe to escalate during a fire.

This gun safe’s heavy steel gauge is not as flexible when it is heated, thus limiting the distortions that might let in heat through the door frame and through broken weld gaps. Browning also uses continuous welding rather than spot welding, which adds to the M28’s heat resistance.

All of this contributes to the M28’s excellent fire rating of 110 minutes at up to 1,700 degrees.