safe vaults for homes and organisation

Burglary Plate Safe

Amsec's BLC Series is designed to provide just that with a 1" plate door designed to meet the requirements of the Insurance Offices Manual of Burglary Insurance. While offering many features and the appearance of much higher rated models, these C rated security chests are a great value.

Atlas Series Vault Door

Atlas, the son of a Titan, stands at the western edge of the earth and holds the heavens on his shoulders. Atlas is historically renowned as being the pillar of strength. If you are looking for rock solid security you need look no further than our Atlas series vault door.

One Hour Burglar Fire Safe

Now with added protection for burglary FireKing gives you superior fire protection in the FB2218C1 home burglar and fire safe. This safe is strong enough to have a U.L. RSC burglary rating and a 350 degree 1 hour fire rating.

Browning M28 Medallion Series Safe

This sturdy 13.81 cubic foot gun safe offers a variety of interior features. Its slender, sleek appearance belies the fact that it can house 29 long guns, jewelry, documents and other valuables. It fits easily in a closet or is stylish enough to be displayed in a den or other room.

BF6030 Gun & Rifle Safe

Looking for a trophy safe? The AMSEC BF6030 Gun Safe 2 hour fire resistant RSC rated burglary safe just might be the answer. The AMSEC BF6030 2 hour fire rated gun safe is one of the most unique safes in the industry. Why? Check it out.

PSK-9 Key Lock Pharmacy Safe

In today’s society, locking up prescriptions narcotics is a growing concern. Hospitals, Pharmacies, Health Care facilities and even your home should all be places where the secure storage of dangerous substances should be considered.

DynaVault Burglar Fire Safe

Hayman Safe Company, using it's 35 years of safe design experience, has combined brute strength with dry-composite construction to create the new economical line, the DynaVault DV-1519. With a 75 minute manufacturer's fire label, unique locking system, streamlined hinges, and a NEW RSC UL Burglar label, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe without taking a lot out of your pocket.

SnapSafe Vault Door Digital Lock Matte Black

The SnapSafe Vault Room Door allows for enhanced security to any closet, room or storm shelter. Thick steel construction and easy installation allow for an affordable way to protect a larger area from theft and unintended intrusion.